HyperConvergence and IT Strategy
HyperConvergence and IT Strategy

Secure, Private and Compliant

Securing your data and meeting the ever expanding regulatory requriements should be leveraged to give your business a competitive advantage; else, is a chore and a cost center.We will show you how to achieve this.

The traditional approach of putting an appliance or software where a vulnerability is perceived or identified is a diminishing returns proposition. Cloud has fundamentally changed the architecture and methodology of Securing your enterprise.


At Stratogic we support your thought leadership, action leadership and security leadership through a comprehensive & cohesive approach for managing and sharing your data with security. Stratogic will help morph your GRC from a chore into a competitive business advantage.

Competitive advantage built into GRC

With cloud and analytics the game has changed; to your advantage. We help you build and take that advantage.

With integrated infrastructure, intelligent tools and applications, the architecture and very concept of data security has evolved. You need to tightly manage your data exposure without closing your doors to business opportunities.

Cybersecurity is where you start but information security is the target state.



We offer Cloud Security Risk & Capability Assessments


To help understand existing risks and capabilities, assess impact and requirements for delivering a cohesive Cloud security strategy consistent with your business objectives and IT maturity. These unbiased, objective assessments will support your engagements with technology vendors and SI's and offfer several high value inisghts:


  • Map to future needs and capabilities including

  • Understand short, mid and long term options

  • Fine tune any immediate treatment options

  • Identify key contributors, risks and weak links in your enterprise

  • Outline business & technology risk matrix and acceptance criteria

  • Prioritize implementation of incoming technology & integration

  • Design and build with GRC in mind

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