HyperConvergence and IT Strategy
HyperConvergence and IT Strategy

Alex Shahidi

Alex is a business technologist pioneer and though leader in Emerging Technology Solutions, Hybrid Cloud and IoT. He has helped global forune 5000 firms and startups define, plan and implement strategic IT and Operational initiatives and programs by leveraging technology ecosystem, Alliances and Partners. He founded world's first Security & Privacy SaaS Startup attracting global business and government clients including FBI & NSA. He has served as executive with premier technology and consulting firms Including PeopleSoft, Accenture and IBM and authord papers, patents and presented at industry forums. He is an MBA, with engineering degrees from NYU, and professional education and certifications from Stanford & Caltech



Tom Spingola

Tom Spingola is an Infrastructure and Customer Success expert and recognized leader in Silicon Valley and high tech industry because of his leadership roles at Oracle, Corio, a shared infrastructure innovator, IBM Applications on Demand, and SalesForce.com where he was the VP of Customer Success and lead SFDC at crucial stages of growth. Tom's expertise and insight have proven invaluable for many companies around the world



Jay Crone

Jay is a software industry and start up entrepreneur who has contributed to success of several startups in technology, digital and electronic games industries. Jay complements his technical skills with business savvy and expertise in managing numbers. He is a high honors mathematics & CS graduate from U Of M



Hind Belekhnati

Hind is an expert in Mathematics, modeling and statistics. She has years of Silicon valley startup experience and has worked with key firms in the valley. She is a high honors Mathematics graduate from San Jose State University.

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